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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello, i'm vic carter. and i'm denise koch. >> president obama is hoping to squash what is a debate. tonight, president obama hosted the police officer and gates. joel brown reports from the white house. >> it was a round of drinks heard around the world. president obama invited crowley and gates for beers at the white house thursday evening. vice president biden also sat down with the men for a conversation the president
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called friendly and thoughtful. gates applauded meeting. there were no apologies. >> this is a positive step in moving forward as opposed to reliving the event, moving cambridge and two individuals and the whole country past the event. >> reporter: they sat at a rose patio near the garden. the police sergeant says the events of the past couple of weeks are a blur. >> i'm still not having caught up with this. >> reporter: both men brought their families to the white house. they took a tour then sat down with the president before the rose garden. the controversy began when crowley arrested gates in his own home after a neighbor reported a suspected burglary. the president invited both men for a meeting afterhe admittedly made matters worse.
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>> the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> reporter: president obama said it could be a teachable moment for the nation. the president and professor are planning a second meeting. joel brown, wjz news. >> it has affected president obama's approval ratings. late tonight, it was announced that the cash for clunkers would be ending tonight. kellye? >> denise, we're out here, because all the antwerp dealerships are making last- minute cash for clunkers deals. they are here to buy before the new midnight deadline. tall attention on the cash for clunkers program seems of the
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made it to successful. >> people calling and e- mailing, we're overwhelmed. >> reporter: just four days before the program began, the cash has run out. according to the associated press, some early birds saw it coming. >> that's our concern, that they might run out of money. >> reporter: they turned in their approved clunker in time, receiving $3,500 and $4,500 for a fuel-efficient vehicle. the word in washington is put on the brakes -- now. this is the collection from just one dealership. anderson honda has accepted ten cash for clunkers deals. >> i'd like to see it continue. >> reporter: this dealership just heard the news from us. >> does it make sense?
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>> not really, because there's a billion dollars that's available. they're only talking $96 million taken out. they're still quite aways, but are anticipating delays. >> reporter: as the program rolled out on monday, dealers had to sort the clungers from classics. a dealer is on the hook for the amount of money before the approval. >> reporter: the dealership is being proactive, because according to the dealers, they have not received official word from government that this is ending at midnight. reporting live in caytonsville, kellye, eyewitness news. >> in wednesday, a total of 22,000 cars were bought in the program. a terrible collision in northwest baltimore, two hours
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ago in pimlico road in northwest baltimore. two cars collided. emergency crews had to rescue two people. no word on conditions or what caused the accident. one indictment dismissed. sheila dixon is reindicted on perjury charges. mike hellgren was with the mayor today. >> reporter: wjz was with the mayor, who stuck with her public schedule after being indicted on nine criminal counts. there are more details. she denies them all and won't back down. >> if she beats these charges, she's politically alive. if she goes down, her career is over. >> my kids are sick, i'm going
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continue to come out and work. that's what i do. >> reporter: eyewitness news takes you through the charge, beginning with perjury. that the mayor lied. the prosecutor contends she got throws of dallas from her ex- boyfriend, ron lipscomb and did not report one dime. he pleaded guilty to a campaign finance violation last month. the indictment lays out lavish trips they took together. the prosecutor claims the mayor solicited gift disregards the needy -- cards from the needy. the mayor used the gift cards for herself. the indictment also details a
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suspicious transaction, claiming the mayor handed money to her driver who used the money to pay her credit card bill. a hearing is scheduled for next week. at city hall, mike hellgren, eyewitness news. >> the mayor's trial was scheduled for september, but that could be pushed back. new teaches tonight with jonathan dick. he is indicted on eight counts. prosecutors say the charges stem from a string of incidents is few years ago with a 14-year- old boy. he was arrested in march for sending sexual messages. he taught another boston middle. a call for change in the name of safety. a woman and her boy are killed in a terrible accident, and a demands for changes at app intersection. we are thrive howard county.
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kai jackson explains what happens. >> reporter: that's -- right, route 32 is dangerous. in howard county, this claimed the lives of a mother and her son. her 13-year-old son was a passenger when kim was trying to make a left turn from river road and was hit by the flatbed. >> my husband is a worship pastor at friendship church. >> reporter: that tragedy, other accidents and fears of accidents packed this room with residents. the state highway administration, howard county government and others are looking for ways to make it safer. at issue is a 3.2 mill stretch of road between route 99 and
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the carroll county line. wayne live say knows that well. >> i think it's dangerous. the county has grown. >> reporter: some residents say the traffic is so bad, you can't get on it during the morning. >> what needs to be done? what would help? >> they've made two lanes all the way up to 99. if they continued that north, that would help. >> reporter: among the ideas, the width of lanes, constructing bypass and turn lanes and installing signs, marking and lighting. >> if we don't come up with solutions soon, some other tragedy is going to happen. we can count on it. >> reporter: now, from that accident, 5-year-old jackson woodward did survive. wayne livesay stopped short of saying this is an emergency, but a task force needs to be formed to take an immediate
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plan of action. denise? >> all right, thank you kai. 61-year-old jennifer kim and vincent woodward were killed last month. the "baltimore sun" is reporting that orchestra members agreed to a salary reduction. that's on top of the raises and benefits they agreed to give back in april. another painful good-bye for fans of "the wire" it is closing. a party was held to bid the exhibit good-bye as well as an auction. they could buy a jacket along with a script. andre royo made an appearance. >> i like his character. >> i do too. a child leaps from the driver's seat of a car and
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makes a break for it. the job that started nearly 30 years ago still isn't done. why people in one baltimore community say a chemical cleanup failed to protect their health. bernadette in for bob turk tonight. another round of thunderstorms coming your way, that in your complete forecast, coming up when eyewitness news returns.
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it is 78 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast coming up. but first, is washington, d.c. mansion is in ruins. the fire broke out last night and burned for hours while firefighters struggled with old hydrants. it is located near the old university and contained a museum quality art collection. 28 years after a toxic waste site was cleaned up in west port, cancer causing chemicals have been found. the levels in homes are above what's safe and can cause cancer over time. those tests came six years
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after the maryland department of the environment discovered toxic fumes. >> all these are private homes, owned by visibles and we need legal access. >> i would like them to clean up the air. find a way to get rid of it so these kids won't have problems when they grow up. >> the state has installed ventilation in the four houses where carcinogens were found. during the 1981 cleanup, the epa removed 21,000 gallons of toxic chemicals. tonights as the hunt for the gunman who shot 12 people at a picnic continues, baltimore's top cop is coming out swinging in an interview with mary bubala. >> the man taking most of the
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heat is police commissioner fred beale field. >> on a day his city is likened to a war zone in afghanistan, he takes offense. >> we can have those statements about how horrible baltimore is, but what the hell are you going to do about it. >> do you understand his sentsment though, when 12 people are shot, there's going to be outrage. >> let's get commit today saying if you commit a gun crime in baltimore, you go to jail. >> sunday night in baltimore, was like the wild, wild west. >> all of us collectively, need to make this the toughest place in the country to commit these crimes. so you want cops to work harder? we will. >> what is your instant reaction when a 5-year-old has
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been shot or 12 people have been shot? >> when i'm going to the scenes, what i want to know is what cretin did this and how can we find him and send him to jail? >> with 18 people shot, something snapped in our city. >> something didn't snap in the city. something snapped in a group of maniacs who went on a rampage. >> this is what baltimore is making itself out to be and people are sick of it. >> i think this is the key -- we need to harness the energy and focus the anger and frustration on the people who are fueling this. the people who are involved in these acts. we need to get the people in their neighborhoods and everyone focused like a laser on these guys. and deal with the guys like a
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bomb and drop it on their hands. >> he told me to expect arrests soon in the shooting at the barbecue and that he wants to get repeat offendsers off the streets. back to you. >> one of the targets was steven blackwell jr. is your iphone in danger of getting a virus? they say hackers can control the iphone by way of a text message. the authors of the report say they got in touch with apple, but so far, no changes. a 7-year-old utah boy says no church today and steals some wheels. we don't mean a big wheel. there he goes, driving the family car with the police on his trail. he managed to keep control of the car, but also brought it to a safe stop.
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however, he didn't wait around to take any bows. hopefully, he'll wait 9 years. >> oh man. >> oh my goodness. >> it's impressive how well he handles the car. >> collectively, we agrees that a funny video. weather wise, it's pretty quiet compared to last night. i want to show you the radar. some thunderstorms over virginia, but winding down as they come here. some spotty showers possible and even a thunderstorm or two is still possible. a mix of clouds and sunshine. today was the break in-between a storm from yesterday and one expected tomorrow. with all of that going on, a flood watch in effect for cecil county. that continues to the northeast and the rains that expected
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tomorrow. the ground can't hold all of it at this point. flood watch in effect. dew points in the upper 60s. warm night out there. 80 in dc, 82 at the ocean, and that is the storm that's coming here. everything ahead of it is what we've been talking about it. the center of this storm has been producing tornadoes over tennessee, severe weather into kentucky, already a problem with the system here. it won't be at this strength when it gets here, but there is a chance for strong to severe thunderstorms with it. the storm prediction center highlighted in area as a slight risk area. if anything does come out, we will pass that out to you on the tv and on here's the front, comes in and gets out of here for saturday. just to the south, you notice, pretty close to the beaches, for most of us, we will dry out
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saturday. the next storm system, sunday. out on the water, small craft advisoried in effect for tomorrow. tonight, going down to 72 degrees, we could see a shower or thunderstorm out there. but the action cranks tomorrow with the front. tomorrow, scattered showers and storms, little break saturday before the next round sunday. temperatures will be warm and muggy all the while. >> thank you bernadette. the popular pitcher is
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all right, just two hours, the red sox will be here. >> george sherrill, traded from the orioles to the l. a. dodgers.
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the orioles get two minor league prospects. his relief appearance with kansas city was the last in the o's uniform. saved 51 games last season. sherrill to the dodgers for josh bell and pitching prospect steve johnson. it is a homecoming for johnson. here he is at camden yards. he's the son of dave johnson. steve was drafted by the dodgers in 2005. the big league birds wrapped up the series with kansas city this afternoon, and brad bergesen threw seven strong innings. a 7-3 orioles victory. it ended ugly for the rookie. he would take a line drive off the bat of billy butler. he limped off the field in pain, but he is not cleared of
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injuries just yet. >> they say worst case scenario, hairline fracture. i'm going to be optimistic about it right now and things, in 24 hours, you have a much better idea. >> the team was lucky to dodge another injury when an outfielder went into the stands. the o's standard with boston tomorrow night. the signing of first round michael orr with the ravens. he gets a five year contract. tackle from mississippi, he competed in camps but missed the first few days of training camp. >> you know, having all that stuff behind me, and all i can do now is play football and work hard and give back to them. they gave to me. >> he'll be there tomorrow
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morning at mcdaniel college in
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well, it's bye bye and hello visit baltimore as the tourism agency has a new name. they believe the less cumbersome title will make it easier to find them. mr. cluckky goes to court. he is beloved by tourists in miami beach. however, the wakeup calls
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angered the neighbors. a judge -- he is in court -- ordered the owner to pay fines for keeping a farm animal in the city. however, he isn't shedding any feathers over it. they plan to file another appeal. >> lucky he's still around.
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coming up next on david letterman. adam sandler. >> i'm denise (>band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with da


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